Student life

Supportive teaching on campus at Taylors College Auckland

Student life on campus

The Taylors College Auckland campus is located in the heart of the city. On campus, you will find modern facilities and great spaces to study, relax and socialise with your friends. Close to the campus are plenty of restaurants, shops, coffee shops and cafés, galleries, museums and live music venues that you can visit.

Auckland is home to several universities, so there are many students living in and around the city. You will easily make new friends from all around the world and enjoy your time in New Zealand.

State-of-the-art facilities

The excellent facilities on Taylors College Auckland's well-equipped campus enable you to achieve your best while you are studying there:

  • Art and design studio
  • Computer laboratories
  • Science laboratories
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Library
  • Common room with a piano
  • Pool table
  • Health Centre
  • Wi-Fi internet access, and more.

Settling in to student life

As a new student you will join a comprehensive orientation programme. You’ll be given The Student Handbook, which includes essential information about living and studying in New Zealand and at Taylors College Auckland. Orientation is also a great opportunity to meet your teachers, make friends and find your way around the campus.

On-campus support

  • Student support

    Services and facilities include:

    Student Welfare Team

    Get help with welfare issues, accommodation, pastoral care and counselling from experienced staff.

    Student activity programme

    Taylors College Auckland provides a programme of social and cultural activities to help you make friends, adapt to life in Auckland and make the most of your time in New Zealand.

    University counselling

    The Academic Director at Taylors College Auckland can advise on suitable degree programmes that meet your career aims, and also help arrange campus visits and information sessions.

    Visa renewal service

    Taylors College staff, together with the University of Auckland team, can help you extend your current visa or change to a correct visa via Provider Direct online service within Immigration New Zealand. This service is quicker and cheaper than applying directly to Immigration New Zealand.

    24-hour emergency contact

    For help in an emergency, staff at Taylors College Auckland are on call 24 hours a day.

    Insurance claim service

    Taylors College staff, together with the University of Auckland team, can help you with your insurance claims if you purchased your insurance through the College.

  • Academic support

    Study guides

    You will be provided with a series of booklets to help guide you through your course. For each subject, the booklet provides details of your study programme, assessment tasks, additional course materials and learning support options.


    You can attend free tutorials to receive additional support from your teachers. Tutorials are delivered one-to-one or in small groups. They are timetabled fortnightly for each subject.

    Mentor groups

    During your time at Taylors College Auckland, you will be assigned a mentor teacher and mentor group. You will meet your mentor group and teacher once a fortnight to chat about academic and personal issues and New Zealand culture. Your mentor teacher will also be your point of contact for any issues you may have throughout your time at Taylors College Auckland.


    You will be assessed through exams and/or coursework, depending on your chosen subjects. Your teachers will help you to prepare for your exams and coursework assignments, and provide feedback on your results. Most subjects have a mid-term and final exam.

    Attendance monitoring

    Good attendance is essential for success in your studies. Attendance is recorded for every lesson, so your presence in class is strictly monitored.

  • Support for students under 18

    All students under the age of 18 receive additional support and guidance from a member of the welfare staff at Taylors College Auckland. They will act as your personal caregiver and will provide a range of services to you and your parents.

    Services include:

    • help with settling in
    • telephone conversations with parents
    • visits to the homestay as appropriate to check that all is well
    • wellbeing and homestay experience interview (held quarterly on campus)
    • academic progress and attendance monitoring
    • 24-hour service in case of emergency
    • frequent communication with homestay hosts.

    Taylors College also offers an additional optional service for under 18 students, Taylors Extra Care Service.

    Taylors Extra Care means that parents can feel comfortable that there is someone monitoring their child’s general welfare after hours, and outside the school. Taylors Extra Care means that Taylors College will arrange a staff member from the Student Welfare Team to take special care for your child if they are under 18 years of age when they arrive in New Zealand. These Care Givers will:

    • provide you with a written pastoral care report after arrival, about how your child has settled in the homestay and at school
    • support your child with any personal matters, and assist with his/her settlement into New Zealand and the school
    • assist your child with establishing bank accounts, and managing finances
    • continue to provide written report quarterly about your child’s general wellbeing and academic progress
    • advise you and the school of any problems between the student and the homestay, and attempt to rectify these problems
    • regularly interview your child and immediately advise you of any concerns
    • provide academic reports and discuss academic progress with you and your child
    • provide emergency telephone contact and support for your child after school hours
    • immediately report to you any concerns regarding your child’s health and after hours activities etc.
Taylors College Student from Thailand

"The teachers at Taylors College are really helpful. If you don’t understand anything, you can always ask them, and they’re always there to help. The classes here are smaller, so it’s easier for the teachers to spend time with every student."

Thames from Thailand

Studied the Auckland Foundation Year (now replaced by the Foundation Studies Certificate)

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